Interested In Buying Or Selling Real Estate On Long Island?

I am a professional Realtor with over 5 years of experience buying/ selling Real Estate for my clients. I am not just a Realtor I have bought and sold many properties myself over the last 15 years. Before working in Real Estate I worked on Wall Street as a professional Equities trader. I wanted to share some of my opinions about the Real Estate market now.

I am asked everyday by my clients/ customers if now is the right time to buy or sell.

Ok. Here it is. My no nonsense opinion:

The Federal Reserve just started to cut rates. We just got a cut of 1/2 point and we are in for more cuts. As a general rule lower rates equal higher Real Estate prices. I think we are going to see the worst of the Real Estate market this winter. I think if you are an investor you should be looking to buy some more properties this winter. If you are thinking of Relocating and have to sell a home to buy it may be better to stay put for now. If you do not own any Real Estate and have cash then I would look to buy this winter. Winter is historically a cyclically slow time in Real Estate. That coupled with fears that the market has been dropping will allow you to likely STEAL a home this winter.

I think we are going to see the market strengthen this Spring.

The Federal reserve will continue to cut rates supporting the housing market and thus eventually turning prices in an upward 3-5% per year direction again. Spring is also a better time cyclically for the Real Estate market.

Are you thinking of buying or selling Real Estate?

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