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Can the California Lemon Law Protect Us in This Crazy Situation?

Well, here I go again. I have another absurd situation to write about concerning the California Lemon Law. If you’d like some interesting reading, continue. Then maybe you’ll take action and find out if your “lemon” automobile qualifies under this law.

For the sake of anonymity, I will call this man Jay Jones and this has to do with the purchase of a pickup truck from a major American vehicle manufacturer. And you’ll want to read on because this one is amazing but it is a very crazy situation. Can this California law actually cover a car in this type of absurd condition?

As you know, if you live in California and you qualify by meeting certain requirements and having your paperwork in order, and you believe you have purchased a “lemon” then you can file against the manufacturer. Under the California Lemon Law, I’ve seen people get their money back, the car replaced, punitive damages and even the attorney’s fees if any were incurred. So while you are reading this example of what can be covered under this law, keep that in mind.

Anyway, Jay’s credit, due to his business going under, was not the best. Because of that, he didn’t qualify for a new truck but qualified for a demo. The salesperson told him that even though it wasn’t the truck he wanted, to keep up the payments to prove he was a good risk and in 12 to 18 months, he could trade it in for the one he wanted. At the time, it seemed like a great deal and he bought the demo pickup. He had no idea that the California Lemon Law even existed. Why would he have to know that? He thought he was purchasing a perfect vehicle that was a demo with a few thousand miles on it. He never thought that within a short amount of time, he would be in the middle of something he never counted on!

There was such a rush to get the truck that Jay did not read the fine print of the agreement. In the purchase papers it stated that this specific vehicle was bought back from a first owner because of transmission problems, but that it had been repaired. The warranty was still good on the truck. This is a point that is very important. Again, he had no idea that very soon he would need to learn all about the California Lemon Law.

Jay moved a month after his purchase to another state. During the next few months, Jay experienced many problems and spent nearly $1,000 trying to fix the transmission. Being out of state, he had to take money out of his pocket or travel back to the original dealership which was several hours away. With gas being so high, he chose to have it fixed where he lived. Even with the repairs, he still had issues with the tranny slipping, etc.

One year went by and Jay couldn’t wait to trade in this truck and get a new one. It cost him money and much aggravation. This time, Jay was smart and spoke to friends about the California Lemon Law. But he figured he wouldn’t have to deal with it because he was going to trade it in like he and the salesman spoke about one year prior.

When he tried to trade it in like was originally planned, the dealership refused to take it back. After much investigation, Jay realized that the truck was a lemon and the dealership had to take it back from its original owner!

Jay sued the dealership for fraud, breach of warranty and many other allegations. Within 30 days, the dealership and manufacturer responded and the case was settled out of court without any money taken out of his pocket.

So, can this vehicle law in California help you, the consumer, even in a crazy situation like this? Yes and hopefully you’ll realize that the California Lemon Law work for you too without any cost to you whatsoever.